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I had so much fun playing this one, whole story was amazing to me and I still remember it :3

This game looks absolutely tremendous! Great work. Are you interested in developing more visual novels? We may have a project for you if you're interested at all! Let me know if there's a way we can get in touch.

All the best, Mark

This is a very well polished game that's quite lengthy as well. All the questions that I had were answered mere minutes later. The writing is suberb. 

If I was to be super nitpicky, the ghoul looked like a vampire themselves, but it could just have been an ancient ghoul. 

This game was nice, I like how the story is developing. It's not often I play vampire themed visual novels.

So I'm assuming this is based on the vampire the masquerade universe. Is this a demo or the full game?


It's based on the Vampire the Masquerade universe, created for the Vampire Game Jam. It's the full game. I wasn't able to do everything I wanted but I also wanted to get the game into a mostly-finished state before I ran out of time :)